Solar Panel Services in Hackberry, AZ

With each day, solar continues to become a more popular form of energy for Hackberry homes and businesses. Havasu Solar is here to provide the guidance and standard of excellence that will make your experience going solar shine. After 20 years of serving Mohave County, Hackberry residents trust Havasu Solar to make the most of Arizona’s abundant sunshine with a variety of solar services.

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Residential Solar Panel Services

Solar panel technician holding solar panel while standing on residential roof.

Havasu Solar is proud to offer a complete range of residential solar services to help Hackberry homeowners benefit from electric PV panels.

  • Solar installationEnjoy a quality selection of products and smooth installation of your rooftop solar panels.
  • Solar replacementReplace old or broken solar panels with durable, more efficient new models. 
  • Solar repairHavasu Solar can diagnose and, in many cases, repair malfunctioning solar panels.
  • Solar poolsSave money on costly pool heating systems by heating your pool with solar energy. 
  • Solar battery storageHold on to the excess electricity you generate to power your home in case of an outage. 

Whatever your vision for solar energy generation is, Havasu Solar is here to make it a reality for your home.

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Commercial Solar Panel Services

You won’t just find solar panels dotting the roofs of homes in your neighborhood; Hackberry business owners are steadily increasing the number of commercial solar projects in the area.

Our commercial solar panel services include:

  • Commercial solar panel installation: We successfully design powerful solar energy systems to meet complex business needs.
  • Commercial solar panel replacement: We can coordinate a streamlined replacement of large systems or individual panels.
  • Commercial solar panel maintenance: Make sure you get the best energy production and longest system life with commercial solar panel maintenance from Havasu Solar.

Havasu Solar has your business covered, from rooftop projects to ground-mounted solar options.

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Why Choose Us?

At Havasu Solar, we believe in combining exceptional service with the most outstanding value possible. We offer free estimates and $0 down options. We proudly guarantee the lowest cost per watt in Arizona to ensure our customers are happy and successful on the road to generating their own energy with solar panels.

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