How Solar Energy Works

Smart, Beautiful Systems from Havasu Solar

In the simplest terms, your solar energy system uses the clean, renewable energy of the sun to power your home. Specially designed and thoughtfully installed photovoltaic (PV) panels use state-of-the-art technology to convert the sun’s rays into DC, or direct current. An inverter then converts this current into alternating current, or AC, the power that then lights your lights, runs your appliances, and keeps your property running without a hitch.

Say Yes to Beautiful Solar!

Not only does a solar energy system free you from burning dirtier fossil fuels and help protect the environment for future generations, but Havasu Solar designs and install beautiful systems that increase your home’s curb appeal and your property’s value.

Havasu Solar offers the best value in Mohave County for your new beautiful solar energy. We guarantee output for the first 20 years, ensuring that you reap the benefits of clean renewable energy long into the future.

Top-Quality Technology & a Higher Standard of Service

When you count on Havasu Solar for your energy needs, you benefit from our commitment to your home.

This means every job we take on is completed with all of the following:

  • The latest technology from IronRidge, SolarEdge, and QCell
  • The reputation born from the respect of hundreds of happy customers
  • The guaranteed lowest price per watt with the most flexible terms
  • Elegant and aesthetically beautiful installations

At Havasu Solar, we offer the widest array of finance options to make sure our customers realize the best value. There’s a way to save money with solar and it starts by not paying too much. Let us help you realize the potential of solar in your home!